How to Attract Customers With Strong Content Marketing Strategies

The primary objective of any business is to attract new customers and retain current customers. It is important to create a content marketing strategy when more consumers than ever turning to the internet to find information about local businesses. Consumers are fed up with banner ads and popup ads as evidenced by the advent of ad blocker software. This means businesses have to find a new more subtle way of communicating with consumers. Content marketing is the way to do just that.

Attract Customers With Strong Content Marketing Strategies
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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is essentially the art of selling to customers without selling to them. The concept of content marketing involves creating useful content such as newsletters, videos, blogs, whitepapers, and ebooks that are relevant to consumers. Content marketing is a process to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website. SEO relies on using the keywords that consumers will search for to find a local business. After determining the best keywords to use for your marketing, create content that uses these keywords. The more these keywords appear on your website, the higher your page will rank. When done properly, you website will rise to the top of the search listings and provide more opportunities for customers to interact with your business.

Generating Leads Using Content Marketing

Now that customers can find your website, the next step is to create opportunities to build a relationship with these prospective customers. Your website needs to have a clear call to action. This can be a newsletter or blog subscription, content only available to registered users, or something similar. This allows you create a database of focused leads to direct your marketing efforts at. A signup form is easily integrated into your website and collects data that can also be easily managed with the right tools.

Using Social Media to Expand Your Reach

Utilizing social media channels is also important to creating a strong content marketing strategy. Sharing your content across social media channels increases search rankings for your business and help more customers find you. Since Facebook now allows you to place a call to action button on your business page you can easily drive traffic to your website. These social media platforms are a great launch pad for online advertising. Facebook, Twitter, and Google all have ad programs that can also be effective in helping customers find you. The best part is that they really aren’t that expensive when compared to traditional advertising methods.

Importance of Branding Consistency

Finally branding consistency is an important factor to keep in mind in creating your content marketing strategy. Your brand is important in that it conveys information about your business to customers. Keeping your brand consistent ensures you don’t send mixed messages about your business.

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