The Internet is Dirty Business: Help Me Clean it up with Eco-Hosting


I provide Eco-Hosting for my clients as a reseller for GreenGeeks Web Hosting*. The internet is dirty business. Help us clean it up. Migrate your site to clean Eco-Hosting.

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Web Design

HDMS is primarily a web design service. I use WordPress to build beautiful websites that are easy for my clients to use.

Social Responsibility

78% of Millenials prefer to purchase from companies that lead in social responsibility. I’ll help you connect to your cause, or check out my Reforestation Partners


Whether your trying to sell your own products, or build a print-on-demand T-shirt empire*. I can help you get started.

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Here are a few of my client’s sites. They range from basic WordPress sites, to full ecommerce sites.

Social Media

Need help managing your small business social media? Let me help with new content and advertising that suits your business goals.

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