Proud New Mexico Small Business

The story of Homestead Digital Media Services starts in 1919 when my great grandparents A.F. and Bessie Willett homesteaded in Union County, New Mexico. They lived through very tough times with the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era of the 1930’s. They raised cattle and horses. Unlike many who got caught up in the government subsidized wheat bubble, they did okay and remained in Union County. During the 1930’s Grandma ran the ranch while Grandpa hauled freight for the WPA. As their neighbors fled the hardship and endured foreclosure of their farms and ranches, over the years they bought homesteads and property directly from their fleeing neighbors and through auctions and eventually built the 10,000+ acre W Diamond L Ranch.

Black Sunday, Courtesy of the National Archives

My grandmother, inherited half of the ranch in 1983. And it is currently in the care of my mother and uncle. The philosophy passed down from my great grandparents was “God only made so much dirt, and we need to take care of it.”

That is why, as a fourth generation, proud New Mexico small business owner, I am excited to be an affiliate and reseller for GreenGeeks, offering eco-web hosting, and partnering with One Tree Planted to donate a portion of my sales toward reforestation efforts across the globe.

Just as my great grandparents endured an environmental catastrophe, we now face an unprecedented global climate and environmental crisis. It is up to each of us to do what we can to help. To learn more please contact me:


Jeremy Cook,

Owner of Homestead Digital Media Services

New Mexico Small Business Story
Homestead Digital Media Services is a proud New Mexico Small Business.


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