Cryptocurrency: Earning a Few Extra Bucks During the Covid-19 Crisis

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency.

Many of us are strained trying to make ends meet during the current Covid-19 and economic crisis. And while I have been observing and reading about cryptocurrency for many years, but have only recently started investing and trading.

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So while I’m not a cryptocurrency expert, I have figured out how to make some extra money. This is not free money. There is some effort and/or investment involved. If you’re interested in learning more, please keep reading. I’ll share links that will earn each of us some crypto when you complete simple actions like creating a wallet (or trading account), watching a video or completing a cryptocurrency transaction.

There are now numerous varieties of cryptocurrency available for trade and investment. You may be most familiar with Bitcoin or Ethereum, as they are the most widely traded and reported on in the media.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency created or “mined” on decentralized computer networks known as blockchains, and use strong cryptography features to record transactions on a digital ledger.

There are now a variety of digital wallets and crypto exchanges to buy, sell, invest, and exchange crypto. I will share a couple of my favorites below.

Investing and Trading in Cryptocurrency

Some digital currencies such as Bitcoin trade at a high level of volatility. There are some known as stable coins whose value is tied to another asset such as the US Dollar, or gold and trade with much less volatility. If you can stomach the volatility, Bitcoin generally offers a good return.

To start you need a crypto wallet and/or an account on an exchange. I am using Coinbase, a popular crypto trading site. Coinbase offers wallets for a generous variety of currencies. You can invest, or use it for transactions and exchanges.

Get $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) From Coinbase

  1. Set up and verify an account on Coinbase*.
  2. Buy or sell $100 of any crypto.
  3. You and I each earn $10 worth of BTC deposited into your account.
  4. Hold it, or trade it as you see fit.

*This is a referral link. you will have to complete certain actions for Coinbase to pay the referral reward to us. To receive the $10 BTC reward you must use the referral link.

Beginner Cryptocurrency Lessons

Learn and Earn

Now that you’ve followed the steps above and have a coinbase account, you can earn some more crypto by watching short videos and taking a short quiz. It’s super easy. Trade it, hold it, or cash out as you see fit.

The links below will take you to learn about various cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Earn, By completing the required action, we both earn.

These are referral links. Payments and rewards for completing actions are solely up to Coinbase. You must have an eligible Coinbase account and complete one lesson. Reward Limit 4 per each link.

Investing in Crypto on Robinhood

Many know Robinhood as a stock trading app, but it is also a trading platform for a number of cryptocurrencies. However, this is not a wallet and you cannot send crypto to anybody or exchange it. The basic rule: buy low, sell high. You can get free stock for signing up for Robinhood by clicking here*. (Subject to Robinhood’s terms and limitations). *Referral Link

Final Thoughts

I started investing in stocks and crypto late in 2019 as part of my new year resolutions. But as with all things, sometimes circumstances get in the way. I’ll keep investing and looking for opportunities, and I hope you’ll join me. And once you’ve started, you can share with your networks and earn with referral links as well.

Disclosure: Investing comes with risk. No results are guaranteed. All referral links are from companies products, or services I use and recommend. If you follow the links and complete the required actions we may both earn rewards. Either way, thanks for checking it out.

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