What is Eco-Friendly Hosting?

The web hosting business is dirty business. The world burns a lot of coal to power the internet. That’s why we are proud to offer eco-friendly hosting. That’s why when we started Homestead Digital Media Services in 2014 we decided to become a reseller for GreenGeeks, the world’s leading eco friendly web hosting provider. Their fantastic service, selection, and support are reasons we chose GreenGeeks. There are other companies that also offer great service and support, but none of them are as committed to using clean energy to power the web as GreenGeeks is. This factor put our decision over the top.

Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
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Eco-Friendly Hosting

GreenGeeks purchases wind credits for 300% more energy than they use to power their servers. The wind energy they purchase is returned to the grid. This means that any site hosted by Homestead Digital Media Services or GreenGeeks is powered by 300% clean renewable energy.

Eco-Friendly Hosting

In the two years we have been using GreenGeeks services, we have been very pleased by their service and support. In 2016 we joined the GreenGeeks affiliate program and and are proud to recommend them to our small business clients.

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