Is Your Web Hosting Environmentally Responsible?

I was writing another post about three things to consider in a web hosting company. When an old friend says, “that’s been done over and over again and all your doing is contributing to the noise.”

I had to agree with her. So today, let’s talk about environmentally responsible web hosting.

Environmentally Responsible Web Hosting

As small business owners, we need to keep in mind that consumers will often comparison shop online for the products and services they want to buy. And when all else is equal it is often a brands socially conscious actions that drive the sale. There are many ways to be socially conscious in building your brand, from donating a portion of profits to a charitable cause, to volunteering regularly with a local organization. But I ask, have you ever considered the damage your online presence may be doing to the environment?

Web hosting is a dirty business. Consider the energy inputs it takes to run a successful web hosting company. Data centers require copious amounts of electricity to power servers, and maintain environmental conditions for those servers to run efficiently.

Many tech companies have recognized the need for change in the way they source the energy they need to power their operations. Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Cisco Systems were the top five green energy users in 2015, and continue to lead the way.

GreenGeeks provides eco-friendly badges to add to your site to show that you care about the future of our planet. 

Environmentally Responsible Web Hosting

There is one web hosting company however that has been leading the way for 10 years now. I’m speaking of GreenGeeks Web Hosting. GreenGeeks operates five data centers in North America and Europe, all of which are powered entirely by wind energy.  To maintain reliability, they use electricity from the grid. GreenGeeks then purchases wind energy credits for three times the amount of energy they use in powering their operations. Ultimately this means that GreenGeeks is returning more clean energy to the grid than they use thus reducing carbon pollution.

Additionally GreenGeeks offers the latest technology for speed and security. They have the best tech support I have ever had to deal with in the web hosting industry, and they provide hosting options that meet my needs no matter what the project.

So as your planning your marketing strategy for 2018, please think about your environmental footprint, and how you can reduce it. As a reseller for GreenGeeks, Homestead Digital Media Services is proud to host our clients sites on the best green web hosting platform in the world.

I invite you to consider GreenGeeks as your web hosting provider as well. They offer domain transfer, and free site migration, making it an easy choice to be environmentally responsible. Click here or the ad below to learn more.

Homestead Digital Media Services provides hosting, design, and marketing solutions to help small business owners grow their business. Whether you purchase environmentally responsible hosting from us or through our GreenGeeks affiliate links, we are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your business needs and marketing goals. 

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