Proud New Mexico Small Business

The story of Homestead Digital Media Services starts in 1919 when Jeremy’s great grandparents homesteaded in Union County, New Mexico. He is a fourth generation New Mexico small business owner. His family still owns a large ranch in the area. Jeremy moved to Union County in 2010 after living in Colorado Springs for most of his life. His parents who are long time small business owners still reside in Union County.

Homestead Digital Media Services is a proud New Mexico small business providing web hosting, and design services, and specializing in marketing services for small business. Jeremy has more than two decades of business management and marketing experience and wants to help you grow your business in a sustainable way.

New Mexico Small Business Story

Homestead Digital Media Services is a proud New Mexico Small Business.

Helping New Mexico Small Business Grow

Homestead Digital Media Services has the knowledge and experience to provide proven solutions to grow your small business. Please contact HDMS to learn more about growing your business on the web.

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