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Website and Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Homestead Digital Media Services offers a number of solutions to help you market your business in the digital age. Let us help you succeed.

  • Website DesignWe provide WordPress web design solutions to help small businesses start the journey of expanding their business on the web.
  • Web HostingWe are proud to be a reseller for GreenGeeks provides eco-friendly web hosting solutions. Alternately if you wish to purchase hosting directly from GreenGeeks, click the GreenGeeks link above.
  • Content MarketingKeeping fresh content on your website to keep customers engaged can be time consuming and difficult. We are happy to help. Learn more.
  • SEO/AnalyticsUnderstanding your customers and how to target them is an important part of growing your business. We can help. Learn more.
  • Cyber SecurityAs hackers become more emboldened and prolific, let us help ensure the security of your website.
  • Social MediaWe take a holistic approach to small business marketing, and social media is an important component of reaching more customers. We help you understand social media and provide solutions that work for you.
  • Digital AdvertisingWe can help you navigate the ever changing and often confusing process of advertising online. Learn more.
  • BrandingBrand consistency across your entire business is important to ensure that customers are getting the correct information about your business. We help you understand how to tie in your online brand messaging to all other aspects of your business. Learn more.
  • Other ServicesWe also offer remote technical support and training for WordPress, Windows, and many other computer or website relates platforms. Contact us to learn more.


Homestead Digital Media Services: Marketing Solutions for Small Business


Popular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In digital marketing, content is the key that unlocks customer engagement. Engaging customers effectively helps your business maintain a higher mind share. A higher mind share translates into new customers and increased sales revenue. Attracting and retaining customers is as simple as having a strong content marketing strategy.

Easier said than done right?

Not really. Content marketing is using your website and social media to share original creative content with customers and asking them to engage through these channels even when they are not shopping. When they need the products or services you offer, they will be more likely to purchase them from you. Happy and engaged customers share your content with their social networks. You attract new customers.

Content For Your Blog

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Now the Hard Part of Content Marketing

Creating a strategy is easy. The difficult part is consistently creating the content that is at the heart of your strategy. You might get a couple of blog posts written, but then other duties call. Consistency is key. Many business owners start out with all intention to post one or two new articles a week, and then fall short after just a few weeks. This is an ongoing process and consistency will assure success.


Homestead Digital Media Services offers content creation solutions. We work with a top freelance content company to provide you with well researched and written blog posts to share with your customers. You provide us the keywords and topics you want to use, and we take care of the rest. We will work with the writers to ensure that each post meets your exacting specifications.

Once you have chosen from the posts that are available, we will optimize and publish them to your website for you. Then all you have to do is share that content with your customers. Or if you like, Homestead Digital media services offers social media solutions to help you get the most engagement from your customers.

All subscription plans are on a month to month basis with no long term contract required. Sign up today to get started.

Subscription Plans

Starter - 1 Post per Week Standard - 2 Posts per Week Advanced - 3 Posts per Week Pro - 5 Posts Per Week

250+ Words $179/Mo

250+ Words $269/Mo

250+ Words $359/Mo

250+ Words $519?Mo

600+ Words $289/Mo

600+ Words $479/Mo

600+ Words $669/MO

600+ Words $1019/MO

900+ Words $499/Mo

900+ Words $879/Mo

900+ Words $1249/MO

900+ Words $1959/Mo

1200+ Words $829/Mo

1200+ Words $1429/Mo

1200+ Words $2129/Mo

1200+ Words $3349/Mo

Every Subscription Includes

Publishing to Your Blog

Accompanying Image

Optimization For SEO

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Web design cost can range from free to thousands of dollars. There are many factors that go into designing and building a website. Things like functionality, SEO, and appearance have to go into the design process. At Homestead Digital Media Services we will provide you with a free consultation and then present you a proposal based on the needs of your small business.

5 Simple Web Design Tips for Small Business Growth

Homestead Digital Media Services offers Web Design Solutions

Other Factors Affecting Web Design Cost

  • Do you need a fully integrated e-commerce solution. In plain speak, do you want to sell your products online? Or are you just looking to provide information and build a relationship with your customers?
  • Do you have specific features in mind that you need for your website? Ie: newsletter integration, affiliate program integration, social media integration, content creation, etc
  • Do you need a portfolio to show off your best work?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your site rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Resources to Get You Started

Read these article from our blog to help you better understand the web design process.

Homestead Digital Media Services is a small business. We work to keep our overhead very low which helps you keep cost lower. You can contact a big design firm with all of the bells and whistles (which they will upsell to you btw) and they will be happy to build your website and charge you a fortune to pay for all of their overhead. Or you can contact us for a free consultation. We will listen to your needs and provide solutions that help your business grow. We know small business because we are a small business.


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Security is one of the most important and often the most overlooked aspect of doing business on the web. Failure to secure your website will bring attackers and spammers from the world over.

Cyber Security

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The Costs of Security Failure

This article from 2015 states: “The Global Risks 2015 report, published in January by the World Economic Forum (WEF), included this rather stark warning: “90 percent of companies worldwide recognize they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against [cyber attacks].”

Estimates from  the Center for Strategic and International Studies put global cyber crime costs at over $400 billion dollars annually.

Failure to provide adequate security measures are costly for small and large businesses alike. Think about how many times you have heard or read about a company being attacked and customer data stolen. And it’s happened to some of the most recognized companies in the world.

Security failures will cost you money and reputation. They will hurt your business.

At Homestead Digital Media Services we take cyber security very seriously. When we build you a website, we will provide you with the tools to ensure the security of your site and your information. And if your site comes under attack, we will actively defend it. We use tools to monitor and block bad agents trying to attack your site.

Homestead Digital Media Services is a reseller for GreenGeeks Web Hosting. As such, we rest assured that all sites we host are monitored 24 hours a day for added security. We create backups of all sites regularly. This means that if something happens whether it is an attack, or a server malfunction, your site will be back up and running quickly.

If we didn’t build your site, we will be happy to perform an audit and provide solutions to ensure the security of your site.

To learn more or schedule a free consultation, please contact us.


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